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Gozzo Christian - Captain Giovanni - unique trips with few people

Vulcano Tour - Snorkeling and active volcano - 10 to 5pm ! 15% discount for all employees in healthcare on any booking !                  

The tour around the whole island offers many opportunities to swim in stunning caves, not only the famous horse cave with the Venus pool but also those that only Giovanni knows. Lunch stop in Gelso with sensational food. Afternoon stop in Vulcano village to visit mud water and zulfur.

Sunset Lipari southwest coast - romantic aperitif - 6.30-8.30 pm

No place like Faraglioni at sunset, pure romanticism admiring Pietra Menalda and Pietra Lunga as well as expressing the wish at the angels cave. Enjoy with your loved ones a good glass of Prosecco as well as some tipical Appetizers. A free jump in the water absolutely possible.

Lipari with Salina Southside- 10-5.30pm

The tour around Lipari offers swimming in turquoise pomice water as well as multicoloured volcanic caves. On Salina island to visit the main village Santa Marina Salina as well as lunch stop in Lingua to taste the world famous Granita by “Alfredo” place.
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